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We here at Rolas Child & Adult Care are dedicated to providing for children as well as older adults with care needs. Our expert team of professionals and well-rounded list of services make us an ideal care company to pick in the UK.

Learn more about Rolas Child and Adult Care Services below. We are here to provide you with all the information you need before hiring us. You can always get in touch with us using the contact form if you want more details.

Despite all the odds, ROLASCAC has become the fastest-growing childminder agency in the country

And why wouldn’t it? Our team of professionals is trained to provide home care services UK with understanding and compassion. Our services are available around the country, and we are always there for our clients. We are there for answering queries, providing company information and arranging the smooth acquisition of our services. From day care centers in UK to old age homes, Rolas Child & Adult Care is where you come for all such needs.

Total Peace of Mind

Nanny Supervision

Leave your little ones in the care of our trusted nannies.

All Ages Childcare

Later years and early years – our care is there for everyone!

Last-Minute Requests

Need some arrangements quickly at the last minute? Give us a call.

Baby Care Solutions

Choose a safe haven for your baby to grow.

Meet Our Members

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Hire Now! Give us a Call

If you are trying to find a childminder or childcare provider, or even a similar service for adults, Rolas is the place you need to come. Learn more about Rolas Child and Adult Care Services by giving us a call. We’re here, we’re available and ready to help.
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